Where to Find a "Quality" Guy/Girl


Where to Find a "Quality" Guy/Girl

Lucky for you, if you just love this idea, Meezoog is sponsoring not one, but two charity events this week:  one, hosted tonight,  is a Valentine’s soiree at the Gates thrown by the YPCC (the Young Professionals Council for choice), and the other, hosted tomorrow night, Feb. 5, is a music- studded extravaganza held at Amnesia to support Disaster Relief in Haiti.

To get tickets for “I Heart Pro-Choice NY“, visit www.ypccny.org, and to get tickets for “Hope for Haiti,” visit www.haitidisasterfoundation.org.


You can get out on the town, do a good deed, and meet a compatible lover all in one night.Who ever said you couldn’t kill three birds with one stone?

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Meezoog.com is the world's first dating network geared exclusively
toward the international, working professional community, built on a
fully-secure and trust-based platform.  Meezoog (www.meezoog.com)
provides a safe and lifelike experience for users looking for love and
friendship on the Internet.  Modeled after a person's real-life social
circle, Meezoog allows family and friends to act as matchmakers
The site addresses the issues of Internet scamming and fake profiles
with "social trust," built on the company’s patent pending technology.

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