Love Lessons for Commitment Phobes


Love Lessons for Commitment Phobes

You may hear from someone who is scared to make a commitment these common phrases: “I need some space.”  “I’m not ready.”  “Men are such jerks.” 

Other clues like “I’m under a lot of stress right now” or “I’m not financially ready,”  may not be as telling.  After all, stress and finances are reasonable truths, even to the person who is saying them.  The bottom line is that many couples get married even when they are feeling pressure or low on money.  If your soul mate is using these reasons in your conversations about the future, you need to evaluate the entire situation to see if there is potential (signs, history, clues, etc).


Start journaling the relationship, especially those things that worry you into wondering if the person you’re with is dodging the permanent seal of your union.  By recording your interactions, it could lead you to the truth.

Lesson #5: Helping Your Relationship Stick
Talk to your partner about your concerns and schedule a visit with a counselor who is experienced in this area.  It may seem counterintuitive but sometimes commitment-phobes just need to know that you will stick with them through good and bad before they take the next step.  Let them know that you’ll never leave them and that you are serious about marriage and forever after.  Run by a scene of what life would be like, showing them that it won’t change as drastically as they think it may.  Explain to them that you are not interested in controlling your life together, you are anxious to help each other grow as individuals.  These tips may help you work through some of the road bumps.  After all, non-committers are deeply longing for a permanent relationship too; they’re just too scared to do it. Lori Bizzoco is a writer, journalist and blogger living in Brooklyn, NY.  She is currently working on a memoir detailing how she found love in less than a year. For more dating and relationship advice, follow Lori on Twitter Or check out her site at: Originally posted by





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