Brangelina: Recent Rumor Roundup


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
All the latest and wildest speculation on the united state of Brad and Angie.

4. Angelina wants Johnny Depp. Star Magazine is calling Ang a "serial seductress" who has plans to do some more homewrecking—this time it's the home of Johnny Depp and his partner Vanessa Paradis. Angelina and Johnny are co-starring in The Tourist, which hasn't even started filming yet, but rumor has it that Angie requested a private meeting with Johnny to go over the script. (And we all know that "private meeting" is code for "sexy times!") Now, Angelina is "bombarding him with flirty emails and burning up the phone lines," to get him all warmed up for their Italian shoot. Star explains: "Things could all come to a head when they head for Venice, Italy at the end of February. But don't look for Brad to be there to intervene. 'Angie told Brad she's going to Italy without him,' says the friend. 'Angie knows what she wants, and she doesn't want Brad in the way!'"

5. These two can't agree on anything. The most hilarious rumor is the one that claims that not only have Brad and Angie split, but also that they're arguing over when to publicly announce it! Apparently, Angelina is mad at Brad because she believes that his camp leaked the breakup news so he could make a quick getaway. "They" say that Ang is now bullying Brad into keeping his mouth shut and following her official breakup timeline: "Angelina would prefer to split in nine months’ time so that it can be a proper orchestrated PR break."

Sources:Popeater, Celebuzz, Showbiz Spy, and Star Magazine. Photo via Fame Pictures.