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Tiger Woods Back Home For Valentine's Day, Golf


Elin has called off the divorce lawyers and wants to make this holiday count.

It's hard to believe, but it seems like Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren will be romantically reunited just in time for Valentine's Day.

That's right, according to, Tiger Woods will be leaving sex rehab soon and has plans with Elin "to go away together, alone, for a few days."

Elin, for her part, has flown to Hattiesburg, Mississippi (home of the Gentle Path Clinic) to stand by her man, "ready to give marriage another try." Tiger Woods' Sex Rehab Routine

And although she has still not been spotted with her wedding ring on, she has called off the big-time divorce lawyer and spent a significant amount of time with her Tiger in therapy at the clinic.

"He wants his life back," say sources, and it looks like he's going to get it — both the golf and girl.

A report from Australia's Herald Sun claims that Tiger Woods is poised to make a shock return to competitive golf in a fortnight (two weeks) at the Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona.

Now if only he could siphon off some of the cash from "The Mistress Collection."


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