Top 10: Hip & Hot Single Celebs!


At 55, this single rock club owner and Sex and The City boomer still has women swooning. This actor has turned the fictional character Mr. Big into a hip mainstream term among single ladies seeking a good-looking, successful man. Rumor has it that the real-life hottie decided to shed the persona of being non-committal like his onscreen character and recently got engaged.

Sheryl Crowe, 47
This hip nine-time Grammy winner contributes a lot of her time to causes such as fighting global warming and breast cancer. A breast cancer survivor herself, she stays fit and beautiful by being an avid runner. Recently, Crow made a very hot transition by moving her two-year-old son Wyatt to a farm in Tennessee to give him a chance at a paparazzi-free life.


Sharon Stone, 51
This beauty spent her younger years modeling before she established herself as a brilliant actress. A brain aneurysm in 2001 caused her to re-evaluate her life and help educate others about strokes. She is a spokesperson for AIDS research among other causes. The single, hip and hot mommy-of-three was listed by People as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Madonna, 51
This material girl gets an award for making whatever she does the newest hip thing, e.g. Kabbalah, yoga and, in the 80’s, her coned-shaped bras. Although her muscular arms have received their share of negative press lately, she’s no stranger to controversy and seems to make it through unscarred - - that’s what makes her hot.

Christie Brinkley, 55
This gorgeous Cover Girl still looks like she walked out of an issue of Sports Illustrated. She’s been unlucky in love (married four times, her last husband cheated on her with an 18-year-old) but it never seems to play havoc on her skin. This Supermodel is a hip mom, jewelry designer and animal rights activist.

Cher, 63
Cher is one of the sexiest long-lasting icons of our time. From the beginning of her days on television with Sonny to her shows at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, it’s hip to be Cher. Although her curves are always on fire, the hottest success for her has been her single, Believe. Just the title tells you why this star is still going strong.

Diane Keaton, 63
This actress is known for her natural good looks and hot Academy Award for Annie Hall. If the definition of hip means fashionably current, Keaton’s eccentric men’s wardrobe may seem just the opposite, were it not for the surge of women who began following her tomboyish style. While women actors her age complain that there’s no work, this hot little lady keeps landing roles.

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