Top 10: Hip & Hot Single Celebs!


 Hip & Hot Single Celebrity Boomers 
Americans are obsessed with famous, picture perfect unions. Yet even celebrities with a fan base, don’t always have an easy time settling down. Being a single baby boomer can make it even harder. With busy schedules whose basics are not unlike our own: demanding job, children to raise, grocery shopping, laundry and car brakes that need replacing, overseeing a household alone isn’t easy. Having had the benefit of several life experiences, now is the perfect time to be fabulous on your own.

Take some tips from the ten celebrity boomers below, all of whom are hot, single and living life for one. These guys and gals really know how to “work it” and so can you.


George Clooney, 48
Spending time in Italy, zooming around on motorcycles, and his political activism in Darfur render a hipness that is more stunning than this aging actor’s gracefully aging silver mane. Given he was voted People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” (twice), there’s no denying he’s hot.

Hugh Grant, 49
This British-born actor knows how to make us laugh with his on-screen charm and humor. Most women think that his English accent makes him hip. The fact that he’s shared the silver screen with Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Renee Zellweger and Drew Barrymore makes him absolutely hot.

Mel Gibson, 53
Even with his bad behavior, there’s no denying the good looks and artistic talent of this Aussie-raised star. Dating a younger woman who will make him a self-described Octodad in a few months could make him hip for the moment but what will make him forever hot is if this recovering alcoholic stays sober long enough to enjoy it.

Chris Noth, 55

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