Score With Your Man


Score With Your Man

Slip-up #2- "As a wife to a big sports fan, I always prepare everything, so people can make a huge mess and I end up exhausted, all for a game I could really care much less about."  Do Not:  get in such a passive-agressive mood that the majority of the time with your guests is spent gossiping about what a couch potato your husband is.

Act more like a girfriend by offering to watch the football game at a sports bar.  Grab your trendiest sister or girlfriend and snag some hot-chick clothes(or just buy some).  Ditch your usual look (ie. wifey look) and go with your husband to a hot spot to watch the game.  Even if you don't like football, you can eat and drink whatever you want without having to cook or clean.  Go ahead and (eh..maybe) flirt with your husband and make him feel a little younger.  The game isn't really too much longer than a good lingering lunch date anyway, so relax and don't think about home for awhile.


So go ahead and treat your boyfriend like a husband and your husband like a boyfriend for a chance to score this Sunday.  Good Luck.

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