Score With Your Man


Score With Your Man

So, it seems as though Super Bowl has almost become a national holiday.  You might hear, "So what are you doing for Super Bowl?"  Magazines fill their pages with dozens of recipes for the "perfect" snacks and sandwiches.  Families get together and watch the halftime time show like a Christmas parade that a child couldn't bare to miss.


Since all of this pretty much revolves around the television, I'm going to offer a sit-com solution to a few football related slip-ups.  In order to really score with your man, you're going to want to try some role-reversal.  Don't be afraid to be a little open-minded and see what happens.  My awesome idea comes from The King of Queens  when the men are advising eachother about women, saying that "You've gotta treat your girlfriend like your wife and your wife like your girlfriend."  See my examples: 

Slip-up #1- "I'm his girlfriend and I hate being ignored practically all day, but I still want to experience this day with his family." Do Not: go to his/his family's house and pout all day.

Solution:  Act more like a wife by offering to make something for the party.  Go grocery shopping the night before for the supplies and (of course) beer.  Walk the aisles with your man and try out your domestic side.  Learn what a good price for a twenty pack of Coors Light and watch him look at you with that gleam in his eye when you tell him, "Hey, stick with me pal and wrap one up for you at Christmas."  Bring your dish on game day and offer to serve it as a bonafide part of the meal.  Serve your man his plate, even if the eating style is not that formal.  Throughout the game, occasionally offer to get him another beer or refreshment.  You might even get lucky and catch eachother in the kitchen.  Something as simple as handing him something as he smiles and secretly smacks your behind could just be great inticmacy in disguise.

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