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We interview Em & Lo about their hit TV-show-turned DVD.

Any thoughts about the guy who could fellate himself? Are there any ladies out there looking for a guy like this?
Well, that guy's gay, so probably not. We thought it would be kind of a funny segment if we could just interview him on the set, fully clothed—and it was! Until the producers cut it with actual video of the guy going at it totally naked—not our cup of tea.

Anything else funny, bizarre or noteworthy happen during the shoots?
Um, that bathtub photo [see above] shoot wasn't nearly as much fun as it might seem. The water was cold and the bubbles kept disappearing so the photographer's assistant kept running up between shots to froth up the bath with a kitchen whisk! We also did a crazy shoot on a bed in the middle of Leicester Square in London, but that one didn't make the cut because we were forced to shoot from something like 2am til 4am on a Sunday night/Monday morning, so the only people out and about were construction workers on a night shift fixing a problem on the Underground. One of whom called us "Sweet Cheeks." Ah, bless the Brits.


If they turned this into a feature film, who would you want to play you? Would it be a comedy, a drama, a thriller, sci-fi epic?
We would definitely want it to be a comedy, and we'd probably have a cat fight over who got to be played by Tina Fey. The runner-up would get played by Amy Poehler. (Though Megan Mullally or Sarah Silverman would be fine, too.) But if our producers got to choose, we're sure it would be one of those sultry thrillers with lots of action and wet bikinis and we'd be played by Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson—and they'd obviously make out.

Could you describe Sex: How To Do Everything in 7 words?
Great sex can be taught. Now watch.

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Here's the series trailer if you need any more convincing:

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