5 Love Lessons From "Lost"


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Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the rest of TV's "Lost" crew have taught us some valuable love lessons.

4. Trying to conceive? Try a desert island!

Doctors had told Sun that she was infertile. It's no surprise that she finally got pregnant on the island—the mysterious landmass' healing properties also let John Locke walk again and cured crash survivor Rose's cancer. But real-life couples can take inspiration from Sun's oceanside living. Studies show that stress can interfere with conception. Many couples now take "conceptionmoons" instead of honeymoons. Just make sure you don't book your flight on Oceanic Air.


5. Communication is a great idea, even if you're not fighting The Others!

We get it, it's a TV show: if every character clearly communicated, the show wouldn't have lasted more than one season. Juliet could have saved everyone from Ben, Daniel Faraday could've revealed he was Charles Widmore's son, and that psychic kid Walter could've told everyone he'd be heading back to NYC, please take care of his dog. But in the real world, clear communication is a necessity. As much as we'd like men to read our minds, they can't. (Unless you're dating a teen from New York named Walter.) If you need something, speak up. You'd be surprised at how well your man will react to some clear directions, everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom.

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