11 Things Women in their 20's want


Plucked eye brows really don't give off that image.

  • We want a man whose salary equals or surpasses ours. We were raised to be independent, not the man of the household. We are head strong and a man who makes less money then us is likely to feel emasculated. 
  • We're looking just to have fun. We might secretly want a husband, but many of us are postponing marriage and enjoying dating. After all we have a lot to offer, might as well go through them all before we deciede on one man.
  • We believe in commitment. Although, we are cautious about it. We saw the generation before get married, get divorced, get married... we learned by observation what not to do. Which is another reason why we are postponing marriage and not delving in.When the millenia is ready commit, it's usually life long. The key reasons why people before us divorced was because of money. We see marriage not as a benefit for paying the bills but a true match to enrich our lives.
  • We Need Space. Along the way of our career path we develped hobbies and social lives. Give us room to go out with girls and go out of town for a convention. Can't control the jealously, goodbye. Remeber absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Millenias are conservative yet progressive. We want commitment, but not really. We're happy in a couple and happy alone. We can wear the pants but prefer short skirts. We love being women, we love good sex, and we love our independence. We're looking for an man to help us evolve and grow and truely enrich our lives.

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