5 Valentine's Day Gifts We Actually Want


valentines day gifts
Because the standard chocolate and flowers Valentine's Day gifts are just not our thing.

3. A toy...that's for us, not you.

We get it. You think we'd look amazing in that flimsy getup you picked up for us at Victoria's Secret (three sizes too small, btw; thanks for thinking we're that thin). But if you really care about how much fun we're having in the bedroom, why not get us a toy that's all about us? We suggest a simple, smoothie vibrator, or perhaps even a deliciously-scented massage candle (hint hint). This Erotic Massage book has some great pointers. The Power Of Couples Massage


4. A pleasant day together.

Taking us out to a nice dinner is...well...nice. But it doesn't show much creative effort. We'd much rather spend some quality time together doing something we both enjoy...something a bit more intensive than staring at each other across a dimly-lit table. Why not check out that chocolate and wine festival at the vineyard nearby. Or hit up the salsa party at a local dance studio. Or even go disco bowling. Later on, we can cuddle on the couch and pig out on McDonalds, thanking our lucky stars we didn't spend all our money on an overpriced meal.

5. Time.

If you did the laundry this week, and unloaded the dishwasher, and scrubbed the shower, and did everything else that keeps us running around like maniacs every other day of the year, we'd have the time to curl up with a good book, or watch HGTV for 10 hours straight, or catch up on all our DVRd episodes of Project Runway. Pretty please? Just this once? 5 "Man Chores" That Will Get Him To Do Housework

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