Live It, Dream It, Own It: Starting


Live It, Dream It, Own It: Starting

4.    Join Forces: If you do some research, chances are you will find plenty of people who share similar passions, offer unique skill sets or have platforms in place that compliment your idea. Strategic partnerships are a great way to kick-start a business and can alleviate some of the pressures solo entrepreneurs experience when they are in start-up mode. There are plenty of social networking sites that can help you find other entrepreneurs with whom you can join forces or business, including and

5.    Get Linked In: Many entrepreneurs complain about feeling isolated and alone when they need not to.  Independent business networking groups gather every day, just poke around on, or and you will find one in your area. Likewise, there are professional organizations and virtual communities like Ladies Who Launch and where you can bounce ideas off other people, get feedback and feel like you are part of a bigger team.

Starting your own business is empowering, exhilarating and can also be overwhelming. Learn how to take help and adapt based on the needs of your clients, customers and the market.




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