Never Satisfied


Never Satisfied

his magnificence creature was straight out of an epic romance novel.

He is your man, your love, the missing link, Soul Mate!  What happens next is all too common in are class.

We either take this man and enjoy him and keep him or we take the moment and rationalize that this is too good to be true so it must not, and let’s not go any further but enjoy this moment and move on.


How many of us have had this wonderful man in our life and just let him go, sometimes without a fight? Congrats to you girls who say this trophy and kept this man!  You are amongst the few who follow their heart and see what that sometimes it really is gold.  For the rest of us, what happened?  Were we too afraid of getting hurt? Did he not meet our overall standards?  Did he have a habit we could not cope with?  Let’s face it those are all lame excuses we tell ourselves to feel better about ourselves.

In reality ladies, this guy is our once in a lifetime, so to hell with our standards and composure.  It’s love baby!  What makes the world go round!  Put your self esteem aside and jump on the wagon and round up your man.  Let’s not live our life in regret!  You only live once, so my advice to you ladies is despite everything if this man is no longer in the picture if it’s meant to be do not leave it to chance, give faith a tug and go get your man.  Let him know that you need him and show him how much he really does mean to you (no fear, no holding back).  What do you have to lose???

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