Never Satisfied


Never Satisfied


Think about that for a moment, now let reminisce a little more, at that point in your life look at it overall.   What was different?  Did that Kool-Aid smile seem to stay be more permanent?  People around you noticed you were bubblier or just glowing, but could pin point just exactly what? Would you spend more time getting ready to make sure you looked extra perfect for him?  Would you be humming sweet melodies all day?  Would those butterflies in your tummy flutter every time you were near him?

If you answered yes to any of these; Yes Girl! You are one of us.  Think about it, at the point nothing really mattered in your life as far as your goals and ambitions, it was him.  He, who came in your life and stole your heart away.   Him, the one that could take that daily clutter and make it disappear in a second with a smile on his face.  At that point, he is the one!


The one you waited your whole life for.  The one you felt you could grow old with.  He may not be perfect but the feelings are strong and everything is so much better because he is with you.  You stand taller, smile more, and know that him being there you can do anything.  He is you strength and ambition.  Your missing link.  All of sudden your life is a fairytale come true.

Memorized when you look in his eyes, and submissive to his touch you are under this enchanted spell in his arms.  His kiss, with those lips and yours can send the US Firemarshall to the scene for it is so compelling that fireworks and explosions are but pity words used to describe this dynamic chemistry. 

Now when you make love it’s like he knows exactly where to touch you to make you sensational and as he presses his body against yours, it’s as if t