He Said, She Said: Is Your Man Romantic Enough?


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Romance: How much do you need? Do most women want more romance in their relationships?

As a woman, I want more romance. I want him to make my toes curl. I want him to do that thing that I will remember years from now and it will make me smile. I want that ten minutes of the romantic movie when he's breaking a sweat over the thought of losing me and he's willing to do pretty much anything for me.

Sure, maybe my expectations are too high, but ask me if I care. Why should I settle? Everyone who tells you that stuff only happens in the movies is just bitter that it's not happening to them. Why can't it happen in real life?


Howard, here's your chance to have the last word. Make me understand.

HOWARD: Oy! What man can compete with Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral or Notting Hill, where, if you recall, he wandered through all the different seasons pining for Julia Roberts!? You know how all of those romantic movies end with a guy running to the airport, or running after the girl of his dreams, because he almost let her get away? How many opportunities are there in life for that sort of thing?

(Sound effects: Jenny leaving, running down the stairs, followed by a car screeching off.)

HOWARD: Apparently, I have one of those opportunities now.

JENNY: I'm kidding. But, in my opinion, waiting for the opportunity is totally the wrong idea—so passive. Why not sweep me off my feet proactively? Why wait for the sound of tires? Navigate the Fine Line Between Sappy And Romantic

HOWARD: Why not sweep ME off my feet and whisk me off somewhere on a white horse named Passion?

JENNY: Is that what you want?

HOWARD: Of course not. Romance to me is ordering in and nodding off.

JENNY: And men wonder why women like romantic movies?

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