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Parents and Long distance


Other people my age have had their share of experiences good or bad and even before the age of twenty kids are moving out and breathing in the fruits and freedoms of being eighteen and free from the restrictions of parents. Unfortunately though I am nineteen now, but happily will be twenty in early march, I still live with my parents, sigh. Do not get me wrong my parents have been the best, and I was raised well but there comes a time in everyone's life when making decisions should be just that, your own. Last August I met my honey via internet. Most internet relationships get a bad rap, and I always believed that they were fake and led to ruins but having stumbled into a virtual relationship myself, and I say that happily, I have seen the light and beome witness to how the internet can actualy help you find the person you have been searching for amongst the rubble of no good men. Having that said, after talking to my honey for over six months, I feel like it is time for me to meet him in person and spend a wonderful spring break with both he and his family. The problem resides with the parents. I have always asked before doing something like going to the mall or hanging out with friends, and this, being as big as it is for me was no exception. Just as I had asked I was quickly shot down. NOOOOOO! It was as if I were asking their advice on changing my career path to a stripper. Even though I could provide them with phone numbers, liscence plate numbers, address, frequent calls day and night and even a chat via webcam or telephone with the people I will be staying with, the answer still remains NOOOOO! Claustrophobia quickly set in, at the realization that before this I could never do anything that I wanted without asking and being afraid of having harmless fun shopping at the mall with my girlfriends. The sad fact is that I had never known what it is to an adult. As I was talking with my mother I spoke of how she and my father felt when they were my age. Both considered themselves adults and both had families by my age, but I, a woman who has lived her life on the straight and narrow cannot indulge in happiness and the beauty of life and love. If they do not see me as an adult what do I have to do to qualify as an adult who can take care of herself and assure them that I have a brain just as capable of making decisions just as they had when they were my age? These are my frustrations the plague me every moment of my day, the gnawing sensation of wanting to do something; anything but not having the blessings of one's parents to do so. Until then, March will come and go and with it the chance I had to spend time with my honey and have a sense of independence, until I will be able to move out there to where he is.


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