Why You Should Enjoy Being Single


Why You Should Enjoy Being Single
Take advantage of your single status and revel in these benefits.

6. You actually get out of the house. It's hard to motivate for a party when you're sitting on the couch in your sweats, cuddling with your BF. It might also be hard to get him to care about your friends. Or vice versa. But being single makes your social life less complicated in a way. You're more open-minded about going out.

7. You can travel. Now's the time to explore. You may not have the freedom later. Call up a friend and start packing!


8. Loneliness hurts less. Feeling lonely when you're in a relationship is much worse than feeling lonely when you're single. And yes, married people do feel lonely at times (e.g. when he's taking you for granted or going into his man cave).

Now. Turn off the TV. Spend some time with the person you've known the longest (yes, you). You should want to get to know this person. You should like him or her, otherwise who else will? (But don't love yourself so much that people can't stand you, haha.)

What do you love about being single? 

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