How To Prepare For A Loaded Conversation


how to talk to your husband
4 ways to prevent an argument from spiraling out of control.

 3. Make managing yourself a high priority.

The failure to effectively handle self contributes dramatically to the deterioration of a discussion. Managing yourself in the interest of building understanding and collaboration takes focus and effort. Without this commitment you're likely to fall into common bad habits like interrupting, blaming, listening selectively, lecturing, defending, etc.


4. Speak for yourself.

This is not the time to respond with "one thinks," "some people appreciate that," or "nobody would believe it" kinds of remarks. Being open, genuine, and forthright about your thoughts, expectations, or intentions keeps the communication clear and direct.

Here's a bonus thought – many issues typically involve decision making at some level and/or resolving conflicts. So, whether viewed as positive or negative, issues effectively deliver a call to action in a relationship.

Written by Crystal Hernandez for Excelle.

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