The ONE...


The One


    I’m sure everybody
has his or her own special someone, the person we all consider “The One” Clearly the
specific person I considered the one is also the one that got away. New
pictures uploaded! That’s the
latest update he had under his account in Friendster. I clicked on his profile hoping to see
pictures of him with the beautiful smile and mysterious eyes that I fell for
when I first saw him.  Browsing through the album, I noticed an
event that took place with friends and family.  There were colorful flowers, beautiful
lights, and everyone dressed so formally. Viewing each picture and
trying to figure out what or whose celebration it was, I finally crossed upon a
picture that made
tears fall continuously down my face. The slow motion scene in a movie suddenly became a
silent movie with pictures that I could clearly analyze.  A picture of a girl wearing a wedding
dress, holding a bouquet of flowers with a proud smile on her face with him wearing his black
suit and neatly tuck in long white sleeves standing up in front of the
alter.  It was his wedding!  He got married!  He belonged to someone!  Trying so hard to absorb what I was seeing, I
continued looking through the album, and there was a solo picture of his wife
with a caption on the top
saying “The one…”  I felt my heart stop.
The strong and devoted heart that could pull through
any heartache suddenly became fragile and wrecked into little pieces. I pitied myself with the
question why couldn’t I be “The one…” I should be the one wearing that wedding dress,
holding that bouquet of flowers and proudly smiling with him by my side. I had so many questions, so
many regrets, and filling out the sentence “What if…”  What if I had made a move the first time
I saw him?  What if I had gone to his
farewell party he had?  Could I have been “The one…”? I am
writing about the year 200_ when I admired and met the person that I thought was the one,
and how _ years later I found out that I was too late because he already got married.

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