The Letter


The Letter

I’m writing this letter to you because I have a lot to say, and every time me and you talk on the phone we always end up yelling, arguing, or just being rude and disrespectful to each other so I decide to write you a letter. I was going through my memory stick from my camera and it had the pictures on it that I took of you from over the road and the pictures from the barracks and from our apartment we had in Washington and I just started crying. I notice that every picture that had me or u or both of us in it we were wearing our wedding rings. The good times with you walking around in your boxers to you posing with all your gear on or when you just coming out there shower. My favorite pic is when you have on your red boxers and the look on your face was so cocky but confident on what you have and got. I miss you so much I really do and it hurts that me and you got to this point even when we said that we will be friends at the end. I have lost my best friend and as much as I hurt and cry it will never bring you back, and I understand that. Just looking at the pictures showed me that once upon a time we were happy. I can’t take back anything that has happen between us I wish I could but I can’t so it’s time to move on and I can clearly see that you have done that. I listen to Alicia Keys a lot and the song that I listen to a lot is Doesn’t Mean Anything. In the song its basically saying that everything that I have or will have doesn’t mean anything because your not in my life no more. My favorite verse is now I see myself through different eyes it’s no surprise being alone would makes you realize when it’s over falling in love is fair I should of been there I should have been there should of should of all at once I had it all but it doesn’t mean anything now that your gone from above seems I had it all but it doesn’t mean anything since your gone. I now that I pushed you away what can I do that will save our love take these material things they don’t mean nothing it’s you that I want I had it all but it doesn’t mean anything now that your gone from above seems I had it all but it doesn’t mean anything since your gone. That’s how I feel on a daily. I miss you, I miss us I really do if I can turn back the hands of time and just listen to what you had to say and I mean really listen, and take it in we would have been ok. Not being able to talk to you or even see you hurts. I know you got a girlfriend and I have to accept that. I need some closure and I guess this is the only way I’m going to get it. If I just truly tell you how I feel and just get it out then I will have my closure and I can move on in life just like you have. I really hate living by myself and eating and going to sleep by myself. I miss the times where you use to bother me before I go to sleep, and sometimes during, or the facial expression you make when you need something.


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