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Celebrity Overshare? Gisele Gave Birth In Bathtub


How non-Supermodel of her!

Thank you Us Weekly for translating the Brazilian magazine Fantastico's story on Gisele Bundchen's bathtub-birthing baby business!

"I gave birth in the bathtub," the 29-year-old Supermodel said, correcting false reports that baby Benjamin came into the world at a Boston-area hospital. In fact, it was in a most-likely marbled Jacuzzi at husband Tom Brady's Boston penthouse. Gisele Gushes About Pregnancy, Family

The magazine adds:

"Gisele gives off simplicity, spirituality, shows that she has concern with living well, being happy and, now, with being an excellent mom." [Source: Us Weekly]

Somewhere Bridget Moynahan is rolling her eyes. Bridget Moynahan Furious At Gisele Bundchen


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