5 Bogus Masturbation Myths


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A little self-love never hurt anyone, contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere.

3. Men who masturbate are wasting their sperm.
While a man who frequently masturbates may find that he has a lower volume of semen per ejaculation, he's not gonna run out, and he's not gonna become infertile. His testicles begin producing and storing sperm during puberty, and this sperm production continues throughout much of his adult life. Which means that, even if he's polishing his pocket rocket every day, you still need to pile on the condoms, spermicide and other forms of birth control if you're looking to avoid pregnancy.

4. There's no need to masturbate if you're in a relationship.
A number of people hide their masturbation habits when they're in a relationship because it makes their partner jealous. What these jealous lovers need to realize is 1.) They can learn from their partner's masturbatory habits, 2.) Their partner's desire to self-pleasure has nothing to do with how much (or how little) they're enjoying couple sex and, 3.) Um. At least they're only having sex with themselves. Some people masturbate while in a relationship because of all the reasons we mentioned in the intro above. Others masturbate as a part of their active fantasy life (also nothing to be jealous of). If you're feeling left out, feel free to suggest making masturbation an active part of partner sex, whether through mutual masturbation or as a means of playing around with exhibitionism/voyeurism. Male Masturbation Fantasies Exposed

5. Those who masturbate are nothing but down and dirty perverts.
Hopefully, by this point, you realize that such an attitude is just plain wrong. Most people masturbate—even if they're loath to admit it—and most of those people are quite normal. In fact, we encourage you to try it yourself. Tonight. When you get home from work. It's been a long day, after all. You owe it to yourself. How To Please Yourself "Down There"