Forgiving Your Way to Freedom


I believe in the miraculous power of forgiveness to restore our healthy balance in our life.



Last year, the mother of one of my clients called me to do a "Soul Path Numerological Reading" for her to help her see what she could not understand.  She was stuck, depressed, overweight, and had lost her passion for life. After reviewing the path that the sacred vowels in her name showed me, I asked her why she was "abusing herself". 


I knew intuitively that she had brought many powerful lessons and teachers into her life to "mirror" her own feelings of inadequacy and shame for some reason and began probing about her childhood.


She revealed to me that her true father had passed away when she was 3 and that her mother had remarried a very abusive man who molested her every day of her life after she returned from school.  She had learned to "leave her body" to disappear during her youth.


She also told me that he was now in his late 70's and dying of cancer.


I told her that the only way that she would ever allow herself to be healed was to muster the courage to "go face the beast" that held her self-respect and to visit him in the hospital to release her shame before he passed away and to say these words, 


"Dad, I am here for you now!  I have been so afraid and angry at you these many years and have held so much hurt inside me that we need not revisit now.  I came here today to free MYSELF by telling you that I love you and forgive you, and I forgive MYSELF for allowing my fear to control me now for 44 years.  


You were the one person/teacher in the world that could allow me to truly understand how to FORGIVE.  We can now both have peace!"


Over the following weeks, I saw my client grow in Spirit, in confidence and in faith.  Having released "the monster" inside of her, she began to create a new and powerful and more respectful life for herself.  She has lost over 30 pounds, began attracting a powerful new support group of loving people into her life, gotten closer to her mother who gifted her an early inheritance to make miracles happen in her overall well-being now.


I cannot begin to tell you the power that angry thoughts have on us emotionally, mentally, physically and Spiritually.


I now hear from this client weekly on the miracles that she is creating in her life of JOY because she set her Spirit Free with FORGIVENESS.



In spite of what you will be told, read or believe… there are no bad relationships!
There are only powerful teachers and dramatic experiences designed by YOU to reveal LIFE CHANGING LESSONS for you. 
It is why you came here….to grow, to face change with love and courage and evolve Spiritually.
When things get rough, please remember that YOU invited this person or experience into your life to allow yourself to be pushed beyond what you were willing or capable of doing by yourself.
Your resistance to see your lesson in these moments of extreme discomfort tells you that you have hit on a life changing issue for yourself. 
This teacher or experience had your “Spiritual Consent” to push you into a deeper awareness of this lesson and to allow you to choose one of two actions:
1.      To blame them and say you were VICTIMIZED and holding a grudge against them
2.      To recognize the lesson and invite change into your life and “love them” on a higher level for fulfilling their purpose in your life.
So remember! Do not loose the significance of the lesson being taught when it arises. The teacher is merely a messenger arranged by you to push you. 
If you do not recognize the lesson, a new teacher will soon arrive to attempt to reveal your key lesson in a different way….it will be the exact same lesson with a different messenger.
Numerology is just one way to see your challenges, lessons and see the types of teachers and experiences that you will attract into your life.
Learn this lesson well! Your life is a carefully orchestrated play of teachers, lessons and experiences that YOU CREATED ON A HIGHER LEVEL to allow you to expand your Soul and in the process, learn to expand and magnify LOVE. 
So remember “Life is a SCHOOL, and LOVE is the ONLY LESSON...practicing FORGIVENESS allows us to move up many


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