One Night Stands


O.K. , so a few months ago I was surfing the net and I came across this web site that claimed they could find me a one night stand with a cute guy.  I figured it was gonna be a bunch of creeps but I said what the heck , no harm done.  My boyfriend of two years had been cheating on me so I dumped the A-hole.  So I was on the prowl.  So I went to this site

As I figured it was a bunch of guys showing their peckers and stuff, but I was determined so I chose a handful of profiles and started sending messages.  Some responded withthe typical "I'll come bone you baby etc... but I finally found one that seemed pretty normal , we chatted for a bit  for a few days , did some flirting , and then we decided to meet, we ended up in a Jacuzzi sweet at a hotel down town and , well lets just say we had a very very very fun time.

Have not seen him since , though we chat online everyone once and a while  , and have some cyber sex and stuff.  I;m ready for another encounter like that so I'm scanning the site again for another victim.  it's a cool site so if you live in Michigan  or want to find another girl in your home town you should check out the web site.  Here it is again.

So if its o.k. for a guy to do it.  Is it O.K. for a girl as well????