How To Date A Girly Guy


date male ballerina
So he isn't gay—score!—6 dos and don't to follow when dating a feminine guy.

5.) Don't make fun of his need to primp: GM's tend to notice details when it comes to clothing and grooming. He probably has an impeccable closet, and he likely knows as much about face cream as you. No need to point and laugh at his Me time with the mirror. Instead, be happy you're with a guy who takes care of himself. Just treat his apartment like a waiting room and bring a book. 7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are

6.) Don't try to set him up on "boy dates." As per #4, he may not have a lot of bros on his recent cell phone call log. He is aware of this, and unless he complains about the lack of testosterone, don't set up play dates like an overbearing mother. Just don't.

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