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New Sex Injury On The Rise. It's No Joke.

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As if STDs and pregnancy weren't enough to worry about.

We feel it's always handy to have a long, varied list of reasons why you don't want to get laid, so we were excited to find a new one that's backed by scientific research. Now you can blame your frigidity on a crippling fear of carpal tunnel syndrome.

According to research published in Medical Hypotheses journal, the extra weight put on your wrists during sexual intercourse is probably a major contributing factor to carpal tunnel syndrome. And the data that helps prove this shows an increase in carpal tunnel syndrome with the introduction of medications like Viagra and the ever-worsening obesity epidemic. 

The fact that fornicating is "the most widely practiced activity that uses both hands at the same time" only strengthens the hypothesis, in addition to an increase in carpal tunnel since the advent of Viagra and obesity. Gross! Lemondrop: Overweight Women More Impulsive than Overweight Men

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Written by Emerald Catron for Lemondrop.


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