Letting go of Anger Opens the Door to Love


My Client came to me wanting to work through issues he was having spiritually. He had spent many years studying a particular spiritual practice, however was unable to let go of a past wounds that has made him sick for the past 10 years. Feeling unable to forgive, he had been holding to anger that was giving him hives. He also wanted to understand why he was attracting certain types of people in his life over and over that drained him of his energy and why he was tired all of the time.

Within the first month, using deep listening, perception-changing processes, working through limiting beliefs, and using meditations and visualizations, he was able to move himself out of this 10 year grudge. He told me he finally felt at peace and was able to forgive and move on. He was able to see how and why he continued to bring the same kind of people into his life based on the belief he held about himself and his role in life, and together, we worked to re-vision that role which helped to empower him and allow for making more deliberate choices that would support him in choosing the right kind of people to surround himself with. This in turn opened up more time in his life for focusing on what he wanted and has given him more energy to now focus on manifesting his ideal partner using my Ideal Partner process, which is showing him step by step how to identify exactly what he wants in the woman he wants to meet and spend his life with.

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