The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts


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Jeff and Erin's wedding invite viral video lives comfortably among 7 other quirky wedding videos.

In 2009, Erin and Noah became the first couple married in zero gravity. To prepare for the ceremony, the bride even traveled to Japan to obtain her weightless wedding dress. Love really turned their world upside down! (wah wah) Wedding Planning 101


 5. The Holy Spirit possesses the groom

This groom hilariously took the phrase, "by the power of the Holy Spirit vested in me" a little too literally. We hope his bride had a sense of humor. Wedding Gift Alternatives

6. Creepy Halloween-themed wedding in Thailand

Seven couples dressed up like the living dead for their group wedding, which was designed to ward off bad spirits. Check out the critter hanging out of the groom's mouth! For the sake of the couple's altar kiss, we hope that thing wasn't real.

7. Shrek wedding dance

For their first dance, Rob and Lynda Hale dressed up as Shrek and Fiona to make their grandson happy. They aren't the only ones who celebrated their love like cartoon ogres, though. Check out the high-quality photos of another couple (appropriately named Mr. and Mrs. Green) on the's Daily Mail's site.

BONUS: Man proposes by airing a film of himself singing in his underwear

This was too eccentrically cute not to include. Last year, Pete Simon hired a local movie theater, plus an audience, to participate in his marriage proposal. On her birthday, Pete took his girlfriend to the movies, where she was shocked to see this film playing onscreen. Even better, she thought Pete's movie was just a silly birthday message until he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. In between laughter and tears, she blubbered out a yes. [via The Daily Mail]


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