From feeling lost and stuck to IN CONTROL and AT PEACE - in the client's own words


"Starting coaching was the key step in the the right direction for me. I knew what I wanted,where I wanted to go and how I wanted to feel, but didn't know anymore how to untangle the knots that hindered me from being "free" and at peace. It's a long, sometimes frustrating, process to change and to evolve as a person. It also is the only way to a peaceful existence. Peaceful, because I now feel closer to my inner self, know my needs and have them met and get what I desire. There is no more betrayal towards myself. By doing repeatedly many exercises in coaching, I ended up naturally treating myself in a kind and respectful way. Another very helpful aspect has been learning how to set bounderies, dealing with conflict and not being fearful of the consequences. Being supported and challenged on a regular basis through coaching, made it possible to go through the unconfortable 'beating your fear' process, which I used to run away from. I also like my dear coach, Minna, very much. She is a wonderful, loving, generous and complete woman. As a coach she was always non-judgemental, positive and there is always a natural healthy fresh breath of air about her. And she has a robust sense of humour. Her personal touch in her way of coaching, made me want to continue, even when dealing with pain and resistance. The sessions were never heavy or depressing, they were always light and dynamic, with a strong sense of moving forward all the time. Today I accept myself and who I am. And I am happy where I am, on my own path - living, learning , growing, forgiving, enjoying and appreciating my life and the people in it and life in general.

On my recommendation, my husband also took up coaching with Minna.  He learned and grew so much through the sessions, and altogether our life as a couple has hugely improved as a result. And still going from streghth to strength.



" -Jasmin, entrepreneur, wife, mom, Central Europe

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Minna Ekblom

Life CoachMinna Ekblom M.Sc.Econ, Certified Coach
Location: Geneva
Credentials: MBA, Other
Specialties: Communication Problems, Couples/Marital Issues, Employment Stress/Growth, Life Management, Stress Management, Wellness
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