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Valentine's Day Tips And Quips On Twitter


valentine's day twitter
Valentine's Day anxiety? You're not alone.

Oh Twitter, how we love thee. You bring us the best content and the breaking news. You make the day fly by (it often flies by so fast, that we... um... forget to actually get any work done). And you bring the funny. Will you be our Valentine?

For those of you who are feeling a bit lost this year when it comes to Valentine's Day, Twitter has something for you, too. Below, some of the quips, tips and holiday specials you'll find around the Twittersphere.

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Silly and Sweet:

@neoabyss: Ladies if u don't have a vday date don't worry. Who eva the finest girl on my list imma take u out. If u lose imma let u take me out.

@dj_kelly: So for vday i'll make a heart shaped red velvet cake....and eat the entire thing while my roomies are on dates :-/ lol

@RedMuze: my son wants to make vday cards and send them to children in Haiti (I'm proud he thought of it), but I have no idea where to send them?

@AllAbtValDay: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu #quote

@samburgler: Jersey Shore is coming on dvd in February. I know what I'm asking for a Valentine's Day gift

@someecards: Be my Valentine if we're still dating then. http://some.ly/5h2W6q 

Creative VDay Ideas and Advice:

@okcupid: Valentine's Day is coming up. Do you love it, hate it, or grab the nearest member of your preferred sex just so... http://bit.ly/6JImbd

@MyChefWorld: Just a touch of cocoa & buttermilk make these Red Velvet Cupcakes just right #recipe http://tinyurl.com/Velvetred22 #vday Valentines Day

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@JulieSpira: Not sure where to take your Valentine for dinner? Go to opentable.com and see what's available.

@ThePlunge_com: Valentine's Day: 10 Ways to Avoid Being a Cliche http://bit.ly/6Pd4nz (Not aloof, not too cheesy.)

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