Why Did Brangelina Break Up? Here Are 5 Reasons.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Everyone is wondering why this power couple called it quits; we throw our guesses into the ring.

The juicy news broke over the weekend that Brangelina is officially over. Although there are already reports surfacing that the breakup news is bogus, neither Brad nor Angelina (nor their official reps) have commented on the subject. Some sources insist that "everything is fine," while others are claiming that the two are constantly fighting and that Brad has been "miserable" for months. So, until we hear a confirmation one way or the other from at least one set of Brangelina's pouty lips, we're assuming that the dynamic duo is done.

Of course, that leads us to the big question: Why? A little fun speculation never hurt anyone, so here are our five best guesses for the celebrity split heard 'round the world.


1. Brad still loves Jen. Of course, this is what many of us want to believe—that Angelina the vixen lured Brad away from his sweet, loving wife, Jennifer Aniston, and now he regrets it. And the tabloids have always painted Jen as the poor, unlucky-in-love ex who never got over her cheating husband. We all know that those descriptions aren't really accurate, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that Brad and Jen could find their way back to each other. The two have remained in contact, and were both at the Hope For Haiti telethon in L.A. on Friday (the day before the breakup news hit), while Angie was in New York filming Salt. But even if Brad wants Jennifer back, does that mean he gets her? Single-and-loving it Jen seems pretty cozy with new leading man Gerard Butler. 5 Unforgettable Hollywood Love Triangles

2. Brad took his Mama's advice. One person who is reportedly in the "get Brad and Jen back together" camp is Brad's mother, Jane. In June, sources told UK mag Now that Mama Pitt "never liked Angelina" and that her son told her that he was "miserable" with her. Jane reportedly urged Brad to leave Angie and told Jen that she was "the only person who can save Brad from this misery." Who knows, maybe Brad finally decided that mother knows best? My Mother Chooses My Dates

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