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Really, Science? Men Are More Evolved Than Women?

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If male genes are so different from apes, why can't they remember to put the toilet seat down?

Call it a literal battle of the sexes: Researchers just revealed that the male Y chromosome is more evolved than ours.

The discovery—unearthed by a female MIT researcher—shows that the Y chromosome has advanced so much over the last 6 million years that there's now a 30 percent difference between the male genetic code and that of chimps, our nearest ancestor. For the rest of the human genetic code, there's only a 2 percent difference. Lemondrop: Lonliness May Be in the Genes

Naturally, the findings have men cheering and women scoffing in disbelief over the idea that males could possibly be more advanced. But the researchers caution that just because man's genetic code has evolved doesn't mean his behavior has.

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Written by Lauren Fritsky for Lemondrop.


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