Looking and Feeling Sexy Feb 14th


This Valentine’s Day, try to opt for something a little different from what you would normally wear in your favorite shade: Try a shirt with a lower neckline, a pencil skirt with a ruffled hemline, or a tailored jacket in a sexy silk or satin. Wearing something out of the norm will make you feel beautiful, and as a bonus, you’ll still be able to wear it for many other occasions.


Wrap yourself in winter white. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to wear winter white. Whether you choose a dress, pantsuit, or a top and skirt combination, Tomazin says to choose your accessories carefully. Pearls or crystal jewelry make a great pairing with this wintry hue, as does a simple metallic or neutral color shoe and handbag. (And if you’re wearing a skirt or dress, be sure to opt for nude stockings!) You will look glamorous and feel beautiful: Be prepared to get second looks!



See red. Red is a bold, sexy color that is often admired, and yet few people dare to wear it. Try incorporating a little red into your Valentine’s Day ensemble and tone down the accessories to balance its boldness. Wear a simple black strappy shoe, simple earrings, and choose a small black handbag. If red is not a color you feel comfortable in, Tomazin suggests trying something in a Pink or purple hue. Play around with different combinations before your big night out—mixing a beautiful purple or pink top with a simple black skirt or a skinny black pant—to find the one that makes you feel beautiful.


Shake things up a bit. Looking great and feeling special on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to bust your budget. There are plenty of tricks to make your look extra special that can be done without spending a dime. For example, Tomazin says that styling your hair in soft curls or a sleek up-do creates a romantic look and costs you no more than a little extra time! Try a daring new shade of nail polish or a darker eye shadow to create a sexy, smoky look for your eye.

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