4 Reasons Women Should Only Date Online


online dating
Making the case for women to quit traditional dating and take up online dating instead.

Women who grew up with the internet and the conveniences of digital technology question what the "old-fashioned" dating that Shontell recommends even entails. Shannon, 22, from Nebraska, met her husband on eHarmony after realizing that the men she met offline did not meet her needs.

"It is so hard to meet somebody the traditional way today because our society is no longer traditional," she said. "We use social networking for everything else, so why not dating? The guys will be matched with your personality on 29 different levels. Your chances of finding that at the gym or in line at Starbucks are pretty slim." Top 8 Reasons Online Dating Is Great


Unlike their parents back in the day, this generation of twentysomething women actually has the privilege of weeding through hordes of males to find exactly what they are looking for.

"My ex of three years and I ended our relationship because there were certain aspects of our personalities that just didn't mesh," Shannon said. "I know that I never would have been matched with him on eHarmony. eHarmony isn't about not being able to find someone on your own; it's about utilizing resources to find the right person who you might never meet otherwise."

Since her boyfriend lives in New Jersey, Marissa is thankful that she ventured out of the New York social scene to find him via the internet. "Of course there are creeps online, but there are also normal young guys who have no other way to meet girls," she said. "If things do not work out with us I would join again because it boosted my confidence, was fun and gave me a reason to go out and meet new people."

#3. Online dating is efficient.

Haemin, 29, an eHarmony user from New Jersey, pointed out that people in her age group expect and appreciate efficiency.

"Maybe I really love the opera and want a date for La Traviata," she said. "I'd probably have an easier time searching for someone on Match.com for a fellow opera lover than at the corner pub." 5 Big Online Dating Don'ts For Guys

#4. Online dating is a time-saver.

In her article, Shontell quotes a 25-year-old Manhattanite, who claims to be "confident enough to find someone without [online dating]." If the feedback from twentysomething online daters is any indication, dating online is less about insecurity about attractiveness, and more about saving time. 4 Signs That A First Date Is Going Really Well

"[People] work long or odd hours and don't have time to waste roaming from bar to bar on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights," Haemin said, and even if you have time to spare, what if the man of your dreams doesn't? He might just be on the other side of town, volunteering or working away, and you might never find him unless you seek him out online. How To Be Less Intimidating To Men

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