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Megan Fox Engaged To Brian Austin Green, Again

Megan Fox engaged

Green tweets engagement and then shuts down his Twitter account.

Looks like we'll have to take at her word: Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are engaged, although the tweets that substantiate this have mysteriously disappeared.

Brian Austin Green, 36, fielded questions from fans on Twitter on Jan. 16, and one Q&A led to a surprise announcement — he and Megan Fox, 23, are engaged again! "So r u married and have a kids?" one fan tweeted, to which Brian replied, "Engaged and have a son from my previous relationship. -BG" [Source:]

As you can see, the fan asking the questions, Kimberly aka mindfreak0311, is still very much present on Twitter. However, it looks like realbagreen has shut down his account.

Is he ashamed about the engagement? Could it be that the infamously on-again off-again couple are off, again? For the scoop: Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Are Engaged — Again! Will It Stick This Time?

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