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changing him
Faking orgasms for a good reason, getting revenge with a hooker and do guys snoop?

Happy Friday, friendsters. Many of you, particularly federal employees and bankers, have a three-day weekend to look forward to. And the day before any long weekend is generally spent feverishly work or is totally bo-ring. Either way, here's the best of the web from this week:

The Frisky is on to you, fellas. They've compared your "number" (number of sexual partners, that is) to census data and something is not adding up because the average lady's number is much lower. Do you think both genders may be fibbing or did they not take into all the Canadian chicks that the average guy is nailing? Read: Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You


What happens if a guy is perfect in every way but is boring, boring, boring between the sheets? Lemondrop explores in a fun she said and then he said fashion. Is communication the answer?

The kids at College Candy realize that sex isn't all, um, candy corn and, um, candy canes. They talk about THE four really crummy things about sex. It sounds like someone needs to hit the gym or hydrate properly if general body soreness is a major issue.

Divine Caroline skews a little older than the crew at College Candy and have a slightly more nuanced approach to sex. They wonder aloud if total honesty regarding the female orgasm is really a good idea. Faking it a time or two MAY be a good way to save a gal from a little soreness. Read: Fake It Til You Make It, Ladies

Speaking of being a little sore, what's a guy gotta do to make his ex a little jealous these days? An Asylum contributor gets a hooker escort from Craigslist and really gives his old girlfriend what-for or is he the one who learns the lesson?

On a different note, Em & Lo ( ask their man panel whether fellas snoop on their partners. I don't know, Em & Lo, should we be suspicious? On another Em & Lo note, check out their DVD. They've turned their best-selling book, Sex: How To Do Everything, into a TV series and now it's available on DVD.

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