Love Bytes: Awkward Engagement Photos

love bytes

Dating tips from gay men, poker tricks for catching a cheat, and fun with Yahoo Answers.

10 must-click love and relationship links

As a professional poker player, Vanessa Ruosso is an expert at calling a man's bluff. Check out her methods of decoding male body language for dishonesty. [LimeLife]

Would you take your engagement pictures in front of a port-a-potty? These people did! See more awkward engagement photos on Nerve. [Nerve]

Wise and funny dating tips from a gay guy. [Glamour]

Ever heard of "antonymical love"?  Here are the 7 types of ways we fall in love with someone. [Marie Claire]

Can we lower the rate of teen pregnancy by encouraging girls to masturbate? [TresSugar]

If you must eat your feelings, at least fill yourself with these healthy alternatives to the usual "single gal comfort foods." [FNC iMag]

Save your marriage (and get more sleep) with this FDA-approved snoring treatment device. [HuffPo]

Can men change for the women they love? Apparently, these 6 reformed celebrity manwhores have. [The Frisky]

Going boy-scouting this weekend? Read up on the do's and don'ts of sending (or rejecting drinks) at a bar. [Em & Lo]

Get ready to facepalm: Yahoo! Answers user asks the dumbest birds-and-bees question ever. [Buzzfeed]


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