It can't happen to me STDS & Me

It can't happen to me STDS & Me
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Well, I was in a happy long distance relationship for over seven years and it was great. Then out of no where and with no real explanation he left and moved in with a friend a town over from where we spent so many wonderful evenings. After that I pulled myself up and started dating instead of laying in bed crying every night.

So I met a really nice guy in a bar that was sort of a friend of a friend and we hit it off. After a few to many drinks I ended up at his house and we did the deed. I really needed it to be honest and it was fun. We continued to hang out and had a great time together. Then my friend said don't you know that he has herpes! I didn't believe her at all because I figured he would have told me and I had not symptoms. So I was curious and asked him and he said no he didn't have herpes but for the heck of it I looked up what they looked like and found these herpes pictures that scared the hell out of me. I did not want this disease.

Well a few weeks later I felt some tingling down there and freaked. I went to the clinic and got a blood test done and it ends up he did give me herpes. To be honest they're not that bad but I don't know what I'm going to do about finding another man.

So remember people there are a lot more STDs out there then you realize and all it takes is one time and you have it for life. Good luck with life and love and wish me the same.


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