Is Katy Perry Preggers?


Katy Perry fuels pregnancy rumors with cryptic tweets and oversized clothing.

Pre-2010, all we cared about was whether or not Russell Brand—long-time player—would propose to quasi-sapphic smoocher Katy Perry in the new year. Post-2010, engagement confirmed, we immediately began obsessing over whether or not Perry was secretly preggers. Talk about pressure! Suddenly, we're all a thousand times worse than our moms ("so...when are you going to make me a grandma?").

So where is all this speculation stemming from?

It's all about cryptic tweets, oversized wardrobe choices, and a spontaneous stop into a children's apparel shop. But there are two sides to every story:

1. Katy Perry tweets that 2010 will be "BUMPIN!"

What we've inferred: Bumpin' = Baby Bump!!! Obvs.

What it could actually mean: 2010 will be bumpin'. (See: Awesome. Rock n' roll. Hella cool. Lots of fun. Etc.)

2. Katy Perry sends a tweet to fiance Russell Brand, saying that she heard he'd been "prego-ed."

What we've inferred: Brand has been forced to settle down because he accidentally impregnated his young and impressionable girlfriend.

What it could actually mean: Lord knows. Have you even ever heard the term "prego-ed" before? This Celeb Lover suddenly can't stop thinking about Eggo waffles.

3. Katy Perry tweets her cravings for In-N-Out Burger.

What we've inferred: Pregnancy cravings!

What it could actually mean: Katy Perry is hungry!

4. Katy Perry wears a poncho.

What we've inferred: Katy Perry is being sneaky, and trying to hide her baby bump.

What it could actually mean: Ponchos are both comfortable (like walking around in a Snuggie!) and stylish.

5. Katy Perry and Russell Brand enter a children's clothing store and check out baby booties.

What we've inferred: Katy Perry is succumbing to nesting/mothering urges.

What it could actually mean: Baby booties are effing adorable, and...oh, forget it. Katy Perry is obviously pregnant.


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