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Its been a dry dry new years...


Well, I have been in 2 long term relationships in the past 3 years, both of them went on for more than a year and did not end in the best way. I am still in touch with my first ex (the first of the 2 relationships), and things with the second one are too sour for us to keep in touch really.
After getting out of that relationship Ive had a lot of time to think about so many other things. Things that I just do not understand about myself. I have never been in short-term relationships. I know its not a bad thing but there have been times where I have liked certain people and I knew they liked me too, but, when they are in front of me I just keep fighting all my instincts and "pretend" that there is nothing going on. Why cant i just let go for once? Just do what I feel like? Just let the person know I still care, when I know that he does too? Maybe its because I know that nothing can ever happen between us. Because he doesn't live in the same city as me and is as phobic of long-distance as I am. But I've liked him everyday of a year now, I think. What is the right thing to do? Tell him how I feel? Ignore the feeling and stay friends? Ignore him (this I cant do though)? Just GET OVER HIM??!! But how?


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