Love Bytes: How To Buy Shoes For Him

Love, Heartbreak

Plus, ex encounters, lactation science, amazing va-jay-jays, and 8 relationship killers.

10 must-click love and relationship links: 

Nevada's Shady Lady brothel recently won approval of its plan to hire its first male prostitute for women. Read on to find out what employment as a male prostitute entails besides a lot of sex.  [TresSugar]

According to a study released by Yahoo in 2007, breakups skyrocket between December and Valentine's Day. Safeguard your love life by avoiding these 8 surefire ways of ruining a relationship. [CollegeCandy]

Decode a guy's personality based on how he eats and what he orders on a first date. [Divine Caroline]

What's the deal with saggy breasts and fake boobs? A woman with a Master's in Lacatation Science offers her input. [Em and Lo]

In a unlikely feat of flexibility, this otherwise clumsy-looking animal performs oral sex on itself. [Buzzfeed]

Tired of seeing him wearing the same pair of Timberlands day after day? Check out Glamour's guide to buying shoes for your guy. [Glamour]

Running into an ex can be an uncomfortable, even mildly traumatic experience. Here are 8 tips for keeping yourself together the next time you run into him at the grocery store or bar. [Marie Claire]

Ever heard of the girl with two vaginas? Read her story, plus 10 more, in The Frisky's gallery of amazing vaginas. [The Frisky]

Digital media has certainly made relationships more interesting, if not more complicated. The women of Double X discuss whether or not it's practical to share passwords with your partner. [Double X]

Studies show that women are consistently more sleep-deprived than men. If you'd like to reclaim those three hours extra hours you could have done with, check out The Huffington Post's 2010 sleep challenge for women. [HuffPo]


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