5 Ways To Enjoy Your Post-Breakup Misery


woman breakup activities
How to get over your breakup without resorting to binge-drinking or rebound guys.

4) Finding a new hobby
The number of activities you can now commit to without the time constraints of a relationship are endless. Try writing a novel, making stop-motion videos, knitting scarves for the homeless, running a marathon, playing guitar, surfing or taking hip-hop dance classes. Instead of stuffing your face with ice cream and boxed pralines, become a foodie by getting busy in the kitchen and indulging in all the foods your ex disliked or could not eat. Setting fun goals that are unrelated to your relationship will wedge a necessary distance between you and your past. Would You Go Vegan For Love?

5) Making new playlists
Don't you hate how relationships can ruin certain songs? As hard as you try not to, you can't help but associate The Weepies and Damien Rice with your dreamy, guitar-playing ex. Put that old playlist into temporary retirement, and resist wallowing in everyone's go-to breakup anthem: Celine Dion's "All By Myself." Grab a friend and head to some shows featuring new artists. In the process of self-preserving, it's easy to shut down all of your emotions and get jaded. Identifying with new music will maintain your emotional sensitivity while redirecting your feelings away from the resentment of a breakup. Top 10 Breakup Songs Of 2009


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