10 Football-Free Activities For Super Bowl Sunday


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Super Bowl Sunday got you down? Here are 10 football-free alternatives.

5. Catch up on phone calls to your mom, your sister, your best friend from college. It's likely others will be in the same anti-football boat. Use this time to touch base with everyone you have a feeling is Super Bowl-phobic—from your best gay friend from high school to your grandmother to your goth-tastic screenwriter cousin.

6. Play matchmaker. Figure out which single friends he's inviting and call up some of your non-attached gal pals who might like to meet a manly, football-loving dude. Why not? Sure it isn't going to be the most, er, conversation-friendly atmosphere, but never underestimate the romance that can sprout when cold Coors Light is involved. How To Trick Yourself Into Liking Football


7. Organize and clean. Yeah, this isn't the most glamorous of options but when he stumbles home either elated or deflated (depending on who won), you can offer him some water from your freshly scrubbed fridge. Later you can smugly marvel at how your closet flows seamlessly from "winter jackets" to "interview pants" while he laments a bloated hangover.

8. Volunteer. If you have yet to get the ball rolling on your do-gooder aspirations, mark this day on your calendar as the one when you finally follow through. Do some research, set up that Sunday as your orientation day or work your first shift.

9. Spend the entire day reflecting. We realize how obnoxious and "Summer of Love" this sounds, but with everyone's super micromanaged schedules how often do you really take a day just to muse in your journal, get lost in a new neighborhood or watch the clouds? Exactly.

10. See a chick flick he'd never see with you. Do you harbor an intense love for The Notebook-type of movies? Perhaps he doesn't even know this dark, dirty little secret. There's no need to confess, just hop online and purchase a ticket to that flowery romantic film you pretend to have zero interest in. (For example, check out Dear John—you may have noticed their ads on our site.) 25 Romantic Films Oscar Missed

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