10 Football-Free Activities For Super Bowl Sunday


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Super Bowl Sunday got you down? Here are 10 football-free alternatives.

If your boyfriend or husband views the Super Bowl like a Twi-hard does Robert Pattinson, then listen up, sweetie—you're going to have some significant competition for his attention that first Sunday of February. If you've been blessed with the football and beer-loving gene, god bless ya. She's A Sports Fan, He's Not

If not, know that in the battle between love life and love of football, you're likely to lose this one. But that's OK; nowhere on the calendar does it say one must cover one's self in team colors and cheer at a wall of TV screen come Super Bowl Sunday. Here are some football-free alternatives.


1. Plan a girls'-night out. Remember how much fun you had with your friends when you were single? Recreate it. But this time stretch that feminine cliché to the max: We're talking shopping, Cosmopolitans and Sex and the City marathons while giving each other mani/pedis. Go ahead and throw in facials, too.

2. Do something uber-intellectual. Juxtapose the world's fascination with men throwing a ball with, say, reading the entire Sunday New York Times, crossword and all. Or scour the internet and find out about a lecture on a subject you know little about. Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to learn all about the Theory of Light and Matter.

3. If you like to cook take advantage—the kitchen will probably be empty anyway. If he's throwing a Super Bowl party, use this as an opportunity to finally learn how to make all the greasy stuff that makes you wince in horror. Loaded baked potatoes? Check. Mozzarella sticks? Extra crispy and extra oozing! A heaping pile of nachos? With the works, please. Don't even think of choosing a dish that's "light" or "low" in anything. How To Manage His Love Of Football

4. Go to the gym. Take one of those classes that always make you wonder, "what in God's name does 'step hip-hop Blue Sneaker aerobics kick boxing' really mean?"

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