Morgan Freeman To Impregnate Step-Granddaughter


Rumor has it that the 72-year-old has agreed to start a family with 27-year-old E'Dena.

E'Dena's youth is "very attractive" to the grandfatherly actor, according to the insider. "She uses her youth to her advantage. She knows it really feeds Morgan's ego to have a young woman hanging all over him. E'Dena believes that getting pregnant would make sure she becomes the next Mrs. Morgan Freeman."

"Myrna never gave Morgan children of his own," said the close source. "E'Dena believes if she can give him a baby, she would win his heart forever. And if she can't give him a child of their own, she wants to adopt." [From The National Enquirer, print edition. January 18, 2010, via Celebitchy

Photo via FamePictures. Scoop via Celebitchy.


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