Smart Talk: Irresistable Men


Smart Talk: Irresistable Men

Obviously this is all relative. This article by Ms. Andrews is a contradiction within itself. The subtitle "more than rock solid abs..." is put back in at #3. Takes care of himself is way more than going to the gym and I openly reject #3 statement "..If he keeps his body in relatively good shape this shows us he knows how to take care of himself. It also clues us in that he sets health as a priority.." Not sure how you can correlate taking care of his body and health is a priority. Health is my priority because I am a Type 2 diabetic and is undercontrol by eating correctly and taking my medication. I would say I am about 15 lbs overweight at 195 lbs at 5"11. Just because I have a spare tire, does not mean that health is not a a "priority". Whether I like it or not our American society is a shallow and narcissistic. Unfortuneately, I continue to find the ladies are shallow and narcissistic. Education, career oriented, and a great personality with dimples doesn't cut it any more.



~ He radiates calm.
~ He is affectionate.
~ He is also got style.
~ He takes care of himself very well and also that of me.
~ He likes a good laugh and I like giving him one ;) apart from great sex!
That's why he all so adorable and I am in love him even more.


Alot of women dont know what they want they'll say they hate drama and continue to go out with the guy that keeps kicking them out of the house and throwing their stuff on the lawn. My sister and her man break up almost every 3 weeks. Hes even gone as far as to hold her against the wall by her neck and they were back together a few weeks later this has been going on for 2 years now....the way i see it is those girls...the "Drama" girls that want the popular ambercrombe fitch catalog guy, arnt the kind of girls nice stable guys should be after anyway. Always remember that men and women cant all be labled in the same catagory so just because most women you meet want the macho popular guy (who really isnt worth a damn) doesnt mean there arnt girls out there that are different. Sometimes its hard to find but there are other good people out there who can recognize and appretiate a fellow good person when they see them.


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