Smart Talk: Irresistable Men


Smart Talk: Irresistable Men

Abs, biceps and more. When Julie Andrews listed 7 Irresistable Traits in a Man, you came back with additions, criticisms and more. Here is some of your smart talk about men and attraction:

this is such BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after looking at jus a few of these comments i felt compelled to join this thing jus to post this reply! at 31 i'm by no means an old pro but i'm also not some newbie. in my late teens into early 20's i went through many phases of what i thought women wanted or liked and even to this day i have come to 1 conclusion as to the type of guy a woman wants......he needs to have rock hard abs(naturally never been to a gym) nicely built(again naturally) there are 2 different faces women seem to want 1 is very chiseled while the other is a softer more distingushed look(like that of richard greer) he needs to be rich first off so he can accomplish the rest of these things...he better be able to fix her car(that's if he don't buy her a brand new 1 of her choice) take care of everything around the house inside and out! take out the trash, be a hell of a good cook, clean the house, do the laundry, take care of the kids(if kids are involved) have dinner on the table with candles lit when she gets home from shopping(again he needs to be rich cause he would give her the cash or credit cards) be overly sensitive to her every whim and basically p**sy whipped around her and her friends but a tough guy in public to protect her, and in the evening have a bubble bath drawn with candles lit waiting for her(never expecting to join her cause that's unacceptable), massage her feet while she is taking her bath followed by a full body massage when she is done, NEVER ask her for sex but give it to her whenever she wants it.



I definitely agree with this article. A man that's clean cut, takes pride in his health by working out, wears fresh clean clothes (knows how to dress for different occassions), and wears a nice smelling cologne turns me on. Women are visual as well. We want a guy who doesn't look like he just woke up out of the bed and threw on clothes from the hamper. Also, just because a cologne smells good to a guy doesn't mean it's a turn on for a woman, so fellas take heed to your woman suggesting a certain cologne that's her favorite. You won't be sorry!


This list seems so superficial. I really thought it was going to be a list of character traits that make a man irresistible. I could care LESS if a man knows how to wink; in fact, I think my skin would crawl if my boyfriend winked at me.
To me, the things that make him irresistible are:
1) He's comfortable with himself
2) He's emotionally fluent i.e. he can discuss feelings without barfing
3) He's understanding
4) He's encouraging and doesn't put people down
5) I agree a sense of humor is wonderful
6) He has a conscience/sense of morality


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