Smart Talk: Things Single Women Hate


Smart Talk: Things Single Women Hate

Amazing, simply amazing. Most if not all of you have made this about YOU and only YOU. What YOU want and what YOU are willing to accept. Well then you should get used to being single because that's what you will be now and in the future. There is no perfect fit. And if you think you have found it you will soon find that the person is not the perfect fit and the relationship will fail. With the ME being satisfied at all costs, every relationship will go down the tubes just like every one you have had (that's why you are single right??).

Anyone ever consider some of those same things are said to Men by Women. For Males with the feeling preference it has the same negative reaction, but the reasons behind them vary. Especially the tone it down part. And the get back out there part. Relating to the get back out there part heavily, because the way we date has changed, and after a long term relationship has ended everyone tells you this, but they don't tell you how. Either because they are still single are they are in a long term relationship. It really is a bit of a catch 22 for people in that situation. Tone it down, well some people are naturally busy, hyper creatures, we can't help it, if fact if we tone it done we get all wacky.


Guess if better make-up and sexier clothes would do the trick I'm for it. It that means putting on a front? NAAY. Is that you feel better about yourself at that time.As a single woman I enjoy my every day life a lot I come and go as I please go where I want and come home when and if I need to. Travel often on vacations or weekenders . .As long as you feel comfortable , dress sexy but not slutish. smile a lot , be friendly and walk with a wiggle on your tail as hispanic women do.That is not being someone else , that's using your femenine traits that you haven' t used for a while. Feel free to improvise and improve even if its take a while until you get used to it and make it a habit Feeling attractive is a great feeling that helps us feel more secure and femenine. As long as you don't portray yourself as someone you're not , be femenine !

Men, to varying degrees, deal with these issues as well. Most of us feel like we either have to have fat bank accounts or rock hard six packs to even get noticed. Its not "rocket science" that it would definitely a degree. Once again, the implication is the belief that we lack something that will attract the opposite (or same) sex. You'll attract more people, but are they really the people that you want to be attracted to? Do they want you, or do they want someone with that glamour look? I like a woman with no make-up, in jeans and a t-shirt, and her hair in a pony tail...but then again there is a huge variance on what men really like.

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