Smart Talk: Open Marriage


Smart Talk: Open Marriage

The very idea of an open marriage, is radically different from the monogamous model of marriage our society values so much. So it is no surprise that Jenny Block's article "Portrait of an Open Marriage" got a lot of you talking. Here is just a sample of the great discussion.

Not only are humans different from animals, but the mammalian example of polygamy is an awful one. One male excludes the others from having access to sex. He fights them off. The females aren't allowed a choice. When the dominant gets old, the others guys move in and kill him and take over his females. Often they kill any babies the females have. Luckily our closest primate relatives are not polygamous, just promiscuous. Polygamy is typically a very oppressive, undemocratic institution. No matter what you think of the evils of monogamy, it's usually worse. With polygamy, women don't have sexual freedom. The oldest, most powerful men end up having to go for younger and younger women so that they can have more wives. Meanwhile some guys end up without wives. Polygamy in human history has just been about powerful men monopolizing a bunch of women.



I am in a open relationship...Most of our family knows, although our children do not, as they are two young to be involved with our sex life. I think they should just be allowed to go to elementary school for the moment, and not have to deal with grown up issues. When they are older, we'll discuss it with them, just as we discuss everything else. What my children see is what everyone else sees, a happy, loving, affectionate, supportive couple. I've had many people ask what our secret is to being so happy together and I'm honest with them: It's the open honest communication, trust, respect and genuine affection we have for one another. I could not imagine my life without my husband, he is my rock, my heart, and my joy, and also the sexiest man I have ever known. I totally agree with Jenny when she said that seeing her husband with someone else let her see her him in a new light. I want him more than ever, and I love him more every day.


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